Wenatex The Sleep System

Wenatex is a brand that has become synonymous with healthy sleep and excellent quality. Established in Salzburg, Austria, in 1964, Wenatex has invested heavily in sleep research to be able to provide its customers with products that combine the latest science with nature to deliver a sleep solution like no other. 

Healthy Sleep for a Better Life

When it comes to restful sleep, our credo is: Only the best is good enough. This is why we only offer one single sleep system: the best. We have invested many years of research and development into this component system solution and we even manufacture the products ourselves. Permanent optimisation through our in-house testing department combined with our collaboration with renowned testing and certification institutions are just a couple of the key factors that put us at the top of the list within this segment. Find out for yourself!

Three Values, One Promise

People and their holistic sense of well-being are the absolute focal point of our work. With the aid of our products aimed to ensure healthy, comfortable sleep, we want to provide a higher quality of life – through trust, innovation and uniqueness.

Meet The Team

Ken Maxwell

Sleep Specialist - Queensland

Following serious health issues, Ken began his quest of learning about responsible nutrition and the importance of healthy sleep. 


Initially, his motivation was to improve his own health.  He soon realized that while sleep was something that everybody does every day, many people did not sleep healthily and did not understand what they could do to improve their sleep, and therefore their quality of life. 


Ken now focuses on sharing his knowledge with others as a sleep consultant.

Brett Jones

Sleep Specialist - New South Wales

Brett Jones is a passionate sleep consultant who has traveled all over Australia for the past eight years conducting his informative, fun and engaging sleep seminars. 


Brett’s ability to connect with his audience, listen, identify sleep concerns and offer appropriate solutions, is really like no other.


He creates a personal experience from start to finish. Not only does he have intimate knowledge of Wenatex and its philosophy but is an experienced sleep specialist, having worked in the field for almost a decade.

Dave Hughes

Sleep Specialist - Victoria

Dave Hughes is an enthusiastic sleep consultant with over 15 years experience in the sleep industry.

His customer service, industry knowledge and attention to detail is what makes him stand out! With his extensive knowledge on mattresses and sleep he is able to answer your questions with a thorough understanding of the product and subject.

If you do attend one of Dave’s sleep seminars, he will often be accompanied by his Wife Barbara, who is a Registered nurse. Dave and Barbara are a formidable team when it comes to sleep.

Andrew Adams

Sleep Specialist - Tasmania

Andrew Adams is a true people person, so it was no surprise to learn his livelihood has always centred around specialist retail, representative and consultancy roles.

Andrew’s drive and enthusiasm comes from “creating a positive difference in peoples’ lives”. His relatability and sense of humour are contagious, while his caring nature and empathy put groups at ease. As a Sleep Specialist his simplified story telling has you understanding why and how you sleep, the implications arising from your sleep environment and appreciating how valuable healthy sleep is.

Tel: 1300 858 139

Showroom: 2/36 Doggett Street, Newstead QLD 4006

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