Adjustable orthopaedic beds

  • Pinpoint support for each section of the body
  • 5 comfort zones
  • Available in standard and adjustable models
  • Contact pads can be adjusted orthopaedic beds to suit individual needs
  • Available with varying leg heights
  • Fits into most standard bed frames

A mattress without the right foundation can lead to poor sleep and tension. The right bed base is indispensable. The wenaFlex® Premium bed base, with its five comfort zones, forms the perfect foundation for the Wenatex® sleep system.

wenaFlex® Premium Bed Base

The perfect foundation for the Wenatex Sleep System

In the development of the Wenaflex® Base, all requirements for an ergonomically correct sleeping position were taken into account. The innovative geometry together with the unique wenaFlex® Premium Contact Pads offers optimal support and individual flexibility. With 60 three-dimensional, highly flexible contact pads and a total of  240 lying points, the wenaFlex® Premium bed base supports the entire body, point by point.



  • Wenaflex® Standard – non-adjustable, the classic model.
  • Wenaflex® Electric – adjustable, raising and lowering of head and foot sections via remote control.



The Wenaflex Electric Base is designed to give you additional orthopaedic support and comfort via the five zones engineered into it. It will adjust from a fully flat position to a fully seated position using the supplied remote control. It is important to ensure that the base is returned to its flat position when getting in and out of the bed and while the bed is not being used for sleep.

Customer Experiences

May S., East Balllina, NSW

Having the bed base with the mattress is absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend its purchase. The comfort is unbelievable.

Margaret G., Yarrawonga VIC

I suffer from lower back problems and since purchasing the Wenatex Sleep System the restless nights have gradually disappeared and I get to sleep quicker.

Denise C.

We have just ordered our second Wenatex bed/mattress set. These are not just beds but 'as they state' an entire ergonomic system. This is such a technically advanced system. What price for a great night sleep? All this was ordered and delivered within 3 days! Bart's exceptional customer service added to our great experience with the company. Thanks Wenatex!

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