Having a favourite soft toy on hand is a sure-fire way to assist in getting a child down for a nap or a good night’s sleep. However, for parents, it can be difficult to figure out whether encouraging a child to rely on a soft toy for comfort and to get to sleep is a good idea.


A study was conducted by the University of Bristol and Yale University where the results showed that 70% of kids develop a strong attachment to such an object they rely on to self-soothe and get to sleep. Therefore, using a soft toy to encourage children to sleep as well as helps them learn to separate from their mothers in a less stressful way while supporting the child’s development.


The Wenatex Sleepy has been specially designed to assist children in comforting them for a good night’s sleep or nap. The soft plush toy can lessen struggles at bedtime for both parents and children.


Sleepy is available to purchase in-store or online.

Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards in the world

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Showroom: 2/36 Doggett Street, Newstead QLD 4006

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