Sleep is the elixir of life. Restful and regenerative sleep is the key to holistic wellbeing. It is important that the bed you choose to sleep on supports you in the right way and creates an environment which is temperature neutral and hygienic.

The Wenatex Sleep System makes up one of the best beds in Sydney. With an electric bed base, SilverMed Pillows, Bella Donna sheets, a Wenatex quilt and a wenaCel sensitive orthopaedic mattress, you will be sleeping soundly in no time.

Looking for the best orthopaedic beds Sydney? Look no further. Wenatex, good sleep for a better life.

WenaFlex Premium Bed Base

The Wenaflex® Premium Bed Base provides the foundation of the Wenatex orthopaedic sleep system. The innovative geometry combined with the unique Wenaflex contact pads ensure optimal support and individual flexibility in five comfort zones.

wenaCel sensitive Mattress

The wenaCel® sensitive Mattress is designed with five comfort zones to provide an anatomically correct depth for your body to sink into whilst simultaneously reducing pressure points. The various cut depths have been specially located to ensure optimum orthopaedic support where required.

Customer experiences

Cathy Briggs

Have just purchased the bed base and mattress - oh my goodness! Having the best sleep ever, so comfortable and aching back of a morning is now non existent! I also have an implant in my left side and have been unable to sleep on that side for the last 3 years as it has been too painful - not any more! Thank you to Bart and his team for their exceptional and prompt service.

Mr K

I recently purchased the Wenatex sleep system and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I noticed better sleep from the first night as the Wenatex mattress doesn't get hot during the night like my old mattress, causing me to wake up during the night. I haven't had any back pain and I find I'm sleeping all the way through. I never knew a bed could make such a big difference to the way I feel during the day or I would have bought one years ago. The price was higher than some others on the market but after trying some cheaper options and having sleeping issues I wish I had just bought quality from the start. I also use the Oura ring that tracks the quality of sleep among many other things and Oura provides a very detailed report daily and my sleep quality since getting a Wenatex is at an all time high. Anyone with an Oura ring knows that 80 or higher is good but 93 is almost unheard of.


Purchased a split System for my Husband with Parkinsons and Sleep Apnea. I was a Stomach and side sleeper, tossing all night. Since sleeping on the Wenatex Sleep System my husband sleeps in the same position with head and legs elevated to his comfort. I also wake in the same position on my back completely supported by the elevation. We both LOVE our Beds/Sheets/Doona/Pillows and the assistance given to us by Bart and follow up is beyond our expectation. Wish we had known about Wenatex many years sooner, but there is no other way to describe perfection.

Silvermed PILLOW


Bella Donna Sheets


wenaCel Sensitive Mattress


Wenaflex Bed Base


Wenatex Quilt


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