Part of achieving healthy sleep is to ensure you have the correct sleeping posture – sleeping in an orthopaedically correct position. Poor posture during sleep can lead to increased tension throughout the body, poor circulation, and neck pain. 

The wenaCel sensitive Mattress is designed with five comfort zones to provide an anatomically correct depth for your body to sink into whilst simultaneously reducing pressure points. The various cut depths have been specially located to ensure optimum orthopaedic support where required.

Five comfort zones

The patented Surface Modification Technology (SMT) profiling produces a brook pebble design that offers different comfort zones. The orthopaedic mattress yields at exactly the points where softness and comfort are desired and supports where the spine needs a firmer hold. Deeper cuts enable areas such as your shoulder to recede further into the orthopaedic mattress providing pressure point relief whilst more shallow cut combinations are used to create adequate counter pressure for areas such as your lower lumbar. The core works in harmony with both the contoured wenaCel® sensitive cover and the Wenaflex® base.

Orthopaedic and lastingly antibacterial

An exceptional level of support point elasticity and the unique brook pebble design, combine softness and comfort with the ideal firmness required to support the spinal column. Maximum cleanliness is provided by both the certified Sanitized® hygiene function and TENCEL® powder, with which the entire cold foam has been permanently augmented and conditioned. This antimicrobial sleeping environment is the perfect enhancement for the orthopaedically sophisticated lying comfort afforded by Wenatex.

orthopaedic mattress

Breathable for incomparable freshness

The wenaCel® sensitive mattress cover has good moisture management properties, is skin-friendly and offers gentle comfort. Adapted to suit the orthopaedic design of the brook pebble core, even the cover ensures form-fitting comfort in five zones, as well as climate, optimised warmth and allergen-reducing properties.

Problem-free washing

The all-round zip allows the cover to be easily removed for washing. When unzipped, the cover splits into two parts. You can wash the cover at up to 60°C without loss of effectiveness.


The wenaCel® sensitive mattress is available in all standard sizes.

If you are looking to better your sleep, then contact the experts for an orthopaedic mattress Sydney.

Product testimonial
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Peter S., Sydney NSW

"I have been working shift work for over 35 years. Getting sleep after working long hours has become a very important part of my days. Believe me, when I say I've tried everything! I bought the full Wenatex sleep system - base, mattress, pillows and winter quilt and it was the best decision I've ever made. I highly recommend the Wenatex Sleep System to everyone, especially shift workers"

Loraine M.,Kincumber NSW

"This is a fantastic product. My general health has improved markedly since sleeping on my Wenatex bed. I was very impressed by the fact that the mattress cover can be removed and washed. I never realised how unhealthy my old bed was. This Wenatex package has been a wonderful investment."

Phillip M., Doncaster East VIC

"I love the product. It all makes sense. I bought a bed for my mother who always had trouble sleeping through and has a bad back. Now her back has improved 50% or more. She is a changed person. Thanks a million."

Margaret G., Yarrawonga VIC

"I suffer from lower back problems and since purchasing the Wenatex Sleep System the restless nights have gradually disappeared and I get to sleep quicker."

May S., East Ballina NSW

"Having the bed base and mattress is absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend its purchase. The comfort is unbelievable."

Georgina P., Bardwell Park NSW

"Until I bought your product, I had sleepless nights, and cramps in my legs, which have now both disappeared."

Phil and Jane G., Sunshine Coast QLD

"One of our children has long suffered from allergies... He had an overnight change in his health... During his childhood every single night when going to bed he would sneeze and cough for approximately 45 minutes (from dust mites etc) and from the absolute first night of him getting into his new Wenatex bed, new quilt and pillow, he stopped the reactions (sneezing etc) overnight! It was absolutely amazing! We couldn't believe the difference it made! As soon as he goes to a friend's home for a sleepover or we stay in a resort on holiday's, he starts sneezing again... Amazing. He now takes his own pillow everywhere..."

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