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A further component of the Wenatex Sleep System is the Wenatex alpine Herbal Regeneration Inlay. There are many medicinal plants that have the effect of relaxing us and promoting good health. The Wenatex Herbal Inlay contains 17 fine quality alpine herbs for good sleep to work in harmony with one another.

The recipe for the fine quality alpine herb mixture has been carefully thought out. Calming herbs such as lavender, hops and wild thyme interact with anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic plants such as willow bark, stinging nettle, rose flowers and field horsetail. Eucalyptus is also added for the respiratory passages.

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Product Care


Place the Herbal Inlay on the underside of the wenaCel® sensitive Mattress inside the mattress cover. It is important that the herbal inlay lies flat in the cover at all times, for example, after assembly or rotation of the mattress.


At least twice a year, air your herbal inlay for a couple of hours in the shade.Hint: The easiest way to access the herbal inlay is to flip the mattress bringing the herbal inlay to the top and unzip the cover.

Important: Do not wash the herbal inlay or allow the herbs to get wet.

How it works

Made from cotton, wool and the original Wenatex alpine herb mix, the Wenatex Herbal Inlay is designed to allow the essential herb fragrance and oils to escape. Through body heat given off during sleep, essential oils are released from the dry, high quality alpine herbs, which are inhaled and absorbed by the skin to create sensations of calmness and relaxation, reduce stress, act to alleviate pain and assist with revitalizing sleep. “While you sleep, medicinal herbs can benefit your health greatly. Capture the healing power of nature night after night in your own bedroom.” Prof. Hademar Bankhofer



The trust and safety of our customers is very important to us. Therefore ensuring the highest quality of products is essential. Every Wenatex product is manufactured with care by highly skilled professionals. Each product undergoes numerous quality and processing controls to ensure a top-quality product every time.


We pass this on to our customers, in the form of our 5 year quality guarantee for all Wenatex products – for normal use and subject to observation of the care instructions. The guarantee covers material, production and processing errors. Wenatex will remediate respective damage occurring within the warranty period by means of replacement or repair.


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