Hygienic and light weight

  • Light and soft
  • Skin-friendly
  • Climate regulating
  • Washable up to 60°C
  • Winter and Summer options
  • Hygienic, hypoallergenic and breathable

Enjoy sleeping in comfort with the Wenatex Quilt while benefiting from the hygienic and hypoallergenic effects of the SilverMed® fibre. Made from 100% cotton sateen with the high-tech hollow fibre wenaLoft® quilted throughout, for perfect climate and moisture management, this quilt has excellent air circulation and is light weight.

Depending on your own temperature preferences and whether you live in a cooler or warmer climate, the quilt is available in Summer and Winter options. Both can be washed at up to 60 degrees Celcius for lasting hygiene and comfort and you can be reassured that the filling will stay in place, even after washing.


The Winter Quilt consists of 100% premium cotton-sateen with SilverMed® fibre woven in. It is quilt-stitched and contains spiral-shaped, climate-control hollow fibres. The climate-control hollow fibres are lighter than conventional hollow fibres, produce a higher volume of insulation, deliver perfect heat efficiency and ensure unique air circulation.

This hypoallergenic quilt combines the advantages of medicinal silver with hollow fibres that have climate control capabilities.


For summer weather, Wenatex has developed the Summer Quilt – a hygienic quilt that has the same materials, hygiene standards and hypoallergenic properties of the Winter Quilt. The Summer Quilt, however, is half the weight of the Winter Quilt and is perfect for the warmer months in Australia. It is suitable for people who perspire more.


The spiral-shaped, twisted Wenatex climate-control hollow fibres inside the quilt promote air circulation and keep you warm.


As a result of the climate- control hollow fibres, moisture is diverted from the body and heat is retained, making it beautifully cosy for you at night.



Customer experiences

Sanja E., Perth WA

"The best of the best … I have had my SilverMed King Quilt for 15 years and just love it. Would not change ever and is suitable for all seasons. Worth every cent paid for this amazing product. Highly recommend."

Margaret G., Burnie TAS

We are sleeping the best we have ever done. The quilt is very light, and I find it much easier to make the bed as the filling stays in place. I sleep very cold and my husband is a “fire ball”. Previously I would wake in a lather of sweat as he had thrown all his part of the quilt on top of me. Now we find the quilt by Wenatex suits both of us – I am very comfortable, not cold or weighed down and he keeps the quilt on and does not get so hot.


I have had my doona and 2 pillows now for nearly 2 years and I cannot live without them.

Quality guaranteed

Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards in the world