Sufficient, quality sleep is an essential requirement for a person's physical and mental wellbeing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that sleep disorders - along with cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and diabetes - are among the four greatest challenges that medicine has to face over the next 50 Years. There have been great efforts made in the field of sleep research to investigate sleep disorders.

Professor Manfred Walzl, a specialist in the field of neurology and psychiatry, and head of the Sleep Research Department at the Landesnervenklinik in Graz, Austria, has identified that in addition to changes in lifestyle (including intake of natural and chemical substances) what you are sleeping on and under greatly influences the quality of sleep.

Wenatex engages in intensive research, product development and quality assurance. Rigorous internal function and benchmark tests on materials and product, continuous trend research and the close collaboration with external sleep research experts and product experts ensure that the Wenatex Sleep System provides the best products for healthy sleep.

The Wenatex Sleep System - Developed in collaboration with sleep research experts

The wenaCel sensitive mattress was developed with consideration of the latest sleep research findings, hand in hand with an academic partner and confirmed by tests based on sleep medicine and supervised by Professor Manfred Walzl. Much research has gone into the development of the wenaCel sensitive sleep system in order to ensure that the best combination of materials and technology is used to promote healthy sleep. 

Study - The influence of the Wenatex Sleep System on sleep phases

In the Department of Sleep Medicine at LKH Graz-Süd-West, 459 people were involved in a pilot study from October 2014 to October 2015. Of these, 231 slept on the wenaCel sensitive mattress, while the control group slept on a conventional product.

The results

The use of the Wenatex sleep system had a noticeably positive effect on the individual sleep stages:

  • Twilight sleep stage S1 decreased by 3.1% and sleep phase S2 by 5.7%.

  • The duration of the deep, relaxing phases S3 and S4 increased significantly – by 8.6% and 6.9% respectively.

  • The REM phases, which are important for our brain performance, were significantly extended: by 3.8%.

The vast majority of participants in the study who slept on the Wenatex Sleep System were "very satisfied" with it and rated it "better than the previous mattress". In the control group, on the other hand, around 43% rated the traditional sleep system as "little or not satisfied".

These results clearly show that an innovative sleep system can make a significant contribution to improving sleep profile.
It is not only the duration of sleep that matters, but above all the quality, depending on the sleep phases. This study has impressively demonstrated this.

From the point of view of sleep medicine, the Wenatex Sleep System can make a significant contribution to the reduction of sleep-related disorders.

SilverMed Fibre

In ancient times the Romans were already aware of the healing effects and antibacterial capabilities of silver. From the beginning of the 20th century, silver compounds have been regarded as effective antimicrobial agents. Today silver is a key component in a multitude of health products.


As health is closely connected with healthy sleep, Wenatex has also made good use of the properties of silver: the SilverMed® fibre is woven into the Wenatex Deluxe Quilt and Orthopaedic Pillow. 

Positive Effects

The use of SilverMed® fibre creates a wide range of positive properties, resulting in refreshing, healthy sleep. Silver in the Sleep System has long lasting effects - it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, germ resistant, and hypoallergenic.  These properties make our products especially suitable for babies, small children and people with allergies.

Wenatex Quality

In order to ensure high quality, Wenatex products undergo continuous internal testing. The Wenatex test laboratory in Austria has its own mattress testing machine according to DIN 1957 and LGA directives. This machine makes it possible for us to perform stringent and precise tests on the durability, loadability and resilience of mattresses, which in turn allows us to fulfil our goal of offering our customers the highest possible quality and comfort in sleep.

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