Sleep requirements for adults stay the same from age 20 up, according to Sleep Health Foundation professor, David Hillman. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors believe that they don’t need as much deep, healing rest as younger men and women. A lot of older people feel sleepy during the day, but don’t ask for help because they mistakenly assume that their daytime fatigue is a part of the natural ageing process. In some cases, seniors have sleep disorders which may be treated. In other cases, some simple lifestyle changes may be enough to boost the well-being of senior citizens. Today, we’d like to share some sleep tips that are perfect for seniors.

Add supplements to your lifestyle

You should always consult with your family doctor before taking herbal supplements. However, many “sleep supplements” are very safe. A few are world-renowned for helping restless people to settle down and enjoy rejuvenating sleep. Supplements with strong reputations include B Complex vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12) and Magnesium. If you have a B Complex vitamin deficiency, it may be negatively impacting your ability to enjoy deep sleep. Taking a B Complex supplement should correct the vitamin deficiency. Magnesium is a mineral which helps the body to relax and let go of tension. It’s a great choice for seniors who have difficulty sleeping.

Make the home a safer place

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, half a million people visit hospitals in Australia each year because they’ve been injured. Seniors are vulnerable to slips and falls, while they are in their bedrooms or in other parts of their homes. If you fear an accident at home, your worries may be holding you back from getting good rest at night. When you install a medical alert system, it’ll be easy to receive emergency medical assistance when you need it the most. Knowing that you have this system in place will help you to relax. 

Make the bedroom a soothing sanctuary

We’ve already talked about making the home secure. You should also make your bedroom peaceful and comfortable. Seniors who aren’t sleeping well should seriously consider upgrading their mattresses and pillows, as they may not offer sufficient support. After you choose a new mattress and pillow, consider the colour of the bedroom. Is it attractive and does it promote feelings of serenity? Pale blue is a colour which is linked with feelings of peace, so a new coat of paint in this restful shade may be a good way to turn your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary.

Seniors who want to get more sleep should improve home security, take healthy and safe supplements and make positive changes to their bedrooms. If you’re a senior citizen and you follow this three-step process, you should notice sleep improvements that enhance your health and well-being. Seniors should make sleep a priority, rather than assuming that good sleep is only for younger people.

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