10 Reasons to Sleep 7 - 8 Hours Per Night

April 10, 2017

Here are 10 reasons why you should sleep 7 to 8 hours per night




High Blood Pressure:

Sleeping less than 6 hours a night leads to a 20% higher risk of developing high blood pressure. 



Sleep deprivation alters the function of over 700 of our genes - including those that affect stress response, immune system and metabolism. 


Sleeping less than 6 hours per night over the long term increases your risk of developing or dying from heart disease by 48%.



Research shows poor sleepers have increased sings of skin ageing. 



Sleeping less than 6 hours per night increases your stoke risk four-fold. 



Sleeping 5 or less hours each night increases the risk of dying from any cause by up to 26%. 


Even missing out on 1.5 hours of sleep can reduce daytime alertness by up to 32%.


People who sleep less then 7 hours are nearly 3 times more likely to develop a cold when exposed to the rhinovirus. 


Not getting the required amount of deep sleep can reduce your body's sensitivity to insulin, increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. 


One study found women who slept less than 4 hours ate 329 more calories the next day. Less than 6 hours sleep per night ups your obesity risk by 30%. 


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