Healthy Sleep Study on SilverMed® and Silver

June 21, 2017

The SilverMed® fibre in the Deluxe cover and the silver zeolite in the Deluxe core have more than proven their worth and revolutionised the bed market. This was also demonstrated in 2010 at the Hannover DGP Congress. The focal point was allergens of domestic dust mites and new methods for reducing allergens.

At the congress a trial was presented which showed the significance of the Wenatex Sleep System (using SilverMed® fibre and silver zeolite) in connection with allergen reduction.

Background: 63 sleeping areas were thoroughly vacuumed at the beginning of the investigation. Then the Wenatex Sleep System was used in 53 sleeping areas whilst the other ten sleeping areas (without the Wenatex Sleep System) served as a control group. After two weeks, samples were taken from all 63 sleeping areas and tested for their

concentration of the two allergens occurring most frequently – “ Der p1”and “ Der f1”.


Result: In the sleeping areas fitted with the Wenatex Sleep System with the SilverMed® fibre and silver zeolite a significant reduction in contamination from the two allergens was achieved after two weeks. Overall the use of SilverMed® fibre and silver zeolite in the Wenatex Sleep System proved extremely effective in reducing allergens. The Wenatex Sleep System SilverMed® Deluxe is therefore especially recommended for people who are allergic to domestic dust mites. For babies and small children, the SilverMed® Deluxe is extremely