A Great Workout Finishes Up Between The Sheets

November 27, 2017

Good sleep is critical for a healthy workout recovery. 


One training regimen many athletes commonly neglect is sleep and recovery. Dodging on either can single-handedly put a stop to your gains, elevate your injury risk in the gym and road block processes in your body that regulate pretty much everything. Three things to get right every night.


Three things to get right every night. 


1. Sleep does many things for us physically and emotionally. Importantly, sleep recharges your nervous system and replenishes your energy stores. Naturally the deeper and better you sleep, the better you recover. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) is responsible for triggering muscle contraction, reaction time and response to pain and you start overloading your body on a larger scale.


Without good sleep. you are going to become slower, weaker , maybe even less coordinated in your workout. 


What's more, your endocrine system and hormone profile are working while you’re sleeping. These are really important because they secrete hormones, like cortisol and testosterone that produce muscle growth. In a stressed-out state, people have high cortisol levels, which can hurt performance and goals over a long period of time.


If you’re getting low-quality sleep, or not enough sleep, that’s going to impact your body’s ability to heal itself.



2. The quality of your sleep tonight will affect the intensity of your workout tomorrow. if you have a bad reload during sleep, the workout you do the next day might seem harder than it normally would. When you’re asleep, your body uses most of its energy to restore your damaged tissues. So if you are getting low quality sleep, or not enough sleep, that's going to impact your body's ability to heal itself.


3. The quality of your sleep matters most. You can sleep for eight hours; but if the quality isn’t good, you won’t recover as well as if you had six hours of high-quality sleep. You also need an environment which promotes optimal and healthy sleep. That should include a cool, quiet, dark bedroom, the right mattress and base and manchester that breathes naturally.


Bottom line: Without proper restoration, you start degrading muscle growth and recovery and your CNS stops recharging. Now you feel tired, unmotivated and weak in your workouts, causing a negative feedback loop that could start a vicious cycle.


We know all about Good Sleep for a Better Life


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