Is Your Pillow Waking You Up?

December 7, 2017

To achieve a good night’s sleep, you need a good sleep environment.


The list of requirements is long but not unachievable. The room must be as dark as possible and an absence of external noise is a must. In an ideal world, your partner can’t snore and the room temperature should also be a consistent, temperate 20 degrees Celsius. Your sleep system (mattress, base, quilt, and pillow) should meet with strict scientific standards.



Many bedding manufacturers preach that a “good pillow” is enough to achieve the right position for the head and neck. Following the principles of ergonomics i.e. the science dedicated to designing products to optimise human well-being and overall system performance, the right sleep position can only be achieved if whole sleep system: mattress, base and pillow work together to provide the appropriate support.


What is the right sleeping position? It is the position that ensures one will maintain the natural curve of the spine without bending or creating any pressure on bones, or muscles.

Following the advice of Prof. Allan Hedge, Professor, Ergonomics Cornell University, this is the checklist for a good quality pillow1.


It should be designed:


1. To keep the spine in natural alignment.
2. For maximum adjustability.
3. With the ability to be used to fit the unique contour,

shape, and sleeping posture of the user.
4. To support different sleep positions: Side Sleeper

- Back Sleeper - Stomach Sleeper.

5. To support the head.
6. To provide tactile softness.
7. To eliminate pressure points.
8. To increase facial air circulation.

9. To be hypoallergenic.


We would add a couple of points. The Pillow must be:


1. Free of toxic substances.
2. Washable in a standard washing machine.


As mentioned at the beginning, achieving the appropriate sleep environment is not impossible.  Here at Wenatex The Sleep System we offer a range of Wenatex SilverMed® products that will ensure you are sleeping in the correct environment, orthopaedically and healthy. We also conduct sleep consultations tailored to each individual to help you get the best sleep you deserve. Contact us today to find out more. Contact Us.

This blog is for information only. For health advice specific to you, please consult your Health Professional.
Sources:1 (Accessed March 2017)