Pedimol 110

December 13, 2017

Pedimol is used widely for pain relief massage, it has a remarkable effect on soothing muscle pain, joint pain, backache, rheumatism pain and all types of muscular ache. It was developed in Germany over 40 years ago and contains a traditional German formula. Pedimol is based on the herbal extracts of pine needles of the Alps, which has moisturising, relaxing and soothing effects. 


The high viscosity of Pedimol makes is the ideal massage cream, you only need a small amount to massage large area. It amazingly relieves stress and improves well-being. The manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body helps to alleviate pain, discomfort, stress and tension. The process enhances blood circulation, muscles tone and the nervous system.



Pedimol can be used for:


Reflexology Massage:

Ideally, Pedimol should be applied to slightly moist skin, for instance, after a shower or bath, using gentle massage strokes. For longer more intensive massage, the lubricating effect of this balm can be heightened by adding a few drops of water. You can use Pedimol as a massage cream as many times per day as you wish.


Arthritis and Rheumatism, Joint Pain Relief

Rub Pedimol on effects areas as required to feel relief from symptoms. The soothing herbal balm reliefs symptoms through the medicinal ingredients its made up of.


For a Feeling of Freshness:


Use Pedimol on hot days or after physical or mental exertion by dabbing on your temples, forehead or nape of your neck. Get a wonderful refreshed feeling using just one drop of Pedimol



A few drops of Wenabalm® dissolved in warm water and placed around the room will give you a lovely fresh scent and allow you to breathe deeply and feel refreshed due to the beneficial effect on the body, mind, and soul of the herbal scent.


For Hand and Foot Care and Protection:

Pedimol is great for hand and foot care and protection. The cream is suitable for use in practically every industry sector, including care, catering, agriculture, and housekeeping. Can be massaged directly onto your feet or hands or a few drops dissolved into warm water for a foot or hand bath.


For Therapeutic Massage:

Pedimol is also suitable for professional application in therapeutic massage.


The fresh herbal fragrance of Pedimol is distinctive and creates a general sense of wellbeing when used in massage. After physical exertion, perhaps after work or sport, after a shower or even on waking in the morning – a massage with this soothing herbal balm will make you feel fresh and revitalised.


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