Sleep Solution If You Can't Sleep With Your Partner (2018)

May 11, 2018

Around one in four couples are now choosing to split …. their beds. Couples are now sleeping in separate beds and it’s better for their overall health.


Over the years, we have asked hundreds of couples about their sleep issues and by far and away, the biggest problem is one partner keeping the other awake or disturbing their proper sleep. 

King of the hit parade is snoring - and it’s not just men who snore like a foghorn! Then comes restlessness and hogging the bed covers. Over the last five years particularly, we have seen more and more couples opting to sleep apart for the sake of their relationship and their health. This observation is now backed up by the National Sleep Foundation. They’ve even given it a name. “Environmental Sleep Disorder” which also covers other things in your room which disturbs your sleep.


There are instances where couples become distant in their relationships because of disturbed sleep night after night. Sleeping separately is still not something many couples are comfortable talking about because it may be construed that sleeping separately is an indicator your marriage is about to fail. This is just not true. It could well be the ideal solution for a stronger relationship affirmed with openness and passion.


No one can dispute the significant benefits of a comfy 7 to 9 hours solid repose each night. Good sleep = good energy = good mood = a healthier, happier life.


If your partner is keeping you awake all night, we have something that will delight you. The Wenatex Sleep System has the ability to be one King size bed or split into two separate beds, should the need arise. Give us a call to discuss this or any of your sleep issues. We really understand sleep. It’s what we do.


If you would like to read more about our sleep system Click Here. 



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