Electric Adjustable Bed Benefits

October 12, 2017

Electric Adjustable Bed


An electric adjustable bed allows for the head or feet to be lifted and provide the best possible support for the body and therefore the best sleep. There are many benefits an adjustable bed can offer people with conditions that effect their sleep.

Mobility Difficulties & Back and Joint Pain


An adjustable bed provides orthopaedic support to the body and as a result can decrease the pressure and strain on parts of the body such as the back and joints that lead to sore and stiff joints. An electric adjustable bed can help reduce sleep interruptions during the night by reducing back and joint pains and improving circulation. The bed also assists with sitting up and lying down in bed.


Respiratory Conditions


Sleeping in an elevated position can increase oxygen levels while sleeping. Lying flat when asleep restricts oxygen pathways causing snoring and sinus congestion. Sleeping elevated allows your lungs to drain and prevent congestion and allows for increased oxygen flow.


Acid Reflux & Heartburn


Doctors suggest sleeping with the upper body elevated to reduce acid reflux symptoms as when elevated the acid is less likely to move up the oesophagus and cause heartburn and acid reflux. 

There are several health benefits an electric adjustable bed can offer however there are many other simple reasons such as siting in bed to read a book and relaxing.


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