On Your Next Camping Trip, You Can Have It All

Caravan Mattress, Made to Measure!


You deserve the best sleep possible, especially when you’re on holidays.  Let us help you enjoy every aspect of your holiday with the Wenatex sleep system.

As the saying goes – you can’t have it all – and many people are resigned to the fact that on their next camping trip there’s one thing that they’ll have to compromise; a good night’s sleep.  But with Wenatex you can have it all.

The Wenatex sleep system has many features that make it an ideal solution for your caravan, motorhome, camper trailer or boat. 

  • Custom made-to-order mattress sizes to fit your caravan, camper trailer or boat

  • Lightweight

  • Removable, washable mattress cover

  • SilverMed® fibre that keeps your mattress hygienic, breathable and absorbs moisture to provide pleasantly warm and dry lying comfort

  • Climate Control Fibres 

  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic



About the Wenatex Sleep System


The SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic sleep system allows Wenatex to strike new, innovative paths with regard to restful and healthy sleep. The latest processing techniques, such as the pebble design SMT cut, which follows the Kneipp concept, the application of soothing medicinal herbs and the unique use of silver ensure the highest level of hygienic, ergonomic sleep comfort.


The ideal form fitting comfort, which adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the human body, the application of the highest grade materials, as well as the particularly long life cycle of the products, guarantee a unique quality of sleep and an overall feeling of well-being – for years to come.


We pride itself not only in delivering a quality product but also putting our customers first.  As our customer, you can be assured of exceptional customer service from the moment you place your order to delivery and after sales service.  If you would like to experience the Wenatex sleep system, give us a call on 1300 858 139.  We’d love to help you get the sleep you deserve, whether at home or on holiday.


For more information and to see pictures of some of the made to measure mattresses we have made please Click Here


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