The Yellow Stain On The Pillow Is What?

October 4, 2017


Sweat is your body’s cooling system functioning in a similar manner to an evaporative cooler. When your body gets hotter than about the average temperature of about 37.5 degrees, your brain tells your sweat glands to produce more sweat to cool you down.


Now back to the stain on the pillow. As we sleep, we will sweat more through our head than anywhere else on the body, producing a good amount of sweat which is naturally transferred into the pillow. Sweat is 99% H2O and that evaporates away. 


But sweat also contains a good chunk of salt along with a range of minerals, fatty acids and protein byproducts ammonia and urea. Yes, the same stuff that’s in urine, just at different concentrations. I’m pretty sure you can now join the dots from here.


The moisture evaporates but the trace elements remain building up layer upon layer. Then add in the millions of dead skin cells taking up residence in the same block. Bacteria has now found it’s perfect living environment, growing a bigger colony, night after night after night. But it gets better! You just created Dust Mite Nirvana!


Now think about where your breathing apparatus is situated. To borrow Madge’s famous line, “You’re soaking in it.” There’s more than enough evidence linking your sleep environment to respiratory ailments, asthma, eczema, apnea and poor quality sleep.


Solutions please? Yes, we have a pillow that naturally kills bacteria. No bacteria means no Dust Mites and it’s cover is removable for regular washing. No more yellow stains!


SilverMed® Plus Pillow

SilverMed® Deluxe Pillow


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