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Sleep is the elixir of life.
Restful and regenerative sleep is the key to holistic well being. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that sleep disorders - along with cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and diabetes - are among the four greatest challenges that medicine has to face over the next 50 Years.  The rejuvenating benefits of sleep become even more important as we age or for those who face particular health or disability challenges.

Insufficient sleep affects the functioning of every cell in the human body. Available evidence suggests that insufficient sleep increases the risk of many serious health conditions including: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and cancer. (Australasian Sleep Association)

Wenatex has intensively researched the interplay of all factors affecting quality sleep, which has resulted in the development of a totally unique product.

The Wenatex Sleep System - Developed in collaboration with sleep research experts
Wenatex has invested heavily in sleep research to develop a range of products and sleep education sessions that will not only help those suffering from sleep issues but also have a positive impact on overall general health.


Wenatex has developed the Wenatex Sleep System to address the two main areas that influence people's sleep - the sleep posture and the sleep environment.

The wenaCel sensitive mattress was developed with consideration of the latest sleep research findings, hand in hand with an academic partner and confirmed by tests based on sleep medicine and supervised by Professor Manfred Walzl. Much research has gone into the development of the wenaCel sensitive sleep system in order to ensure that the best combination of materials and technology is used to achieve healthy sleep. 

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