It is no doubt that people have become more conscious of living a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. While toxins in your bedroom is probably not something that crosses the average person’s mind, maybe it should. We spend one third of our lives sleeping… that means you spend at least 318 months of your life curled up on your mattress! So, wouldn’t you want those 318 months to be spent on a healthy mattress. Your mattress should allow you to get the rest and relaxation your body needs without compromising your health. As people are seeking to live cleaner lifestyles, natural materials are becoming more popular.

The characteristics of natural fibres are important to creating the perfect sleep environment. Breathable, non-toxic and antibacterial; nature can provide all the components necessary to sleep well. The wenaCel sensitive mattress features a unique and innovative combination of moisture absorbing TENCEL™ lyocell fibre and the highly efficient Sanitized hygiene function.

TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibres are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced, natural raw material, wood. TENCEL™ is known for its natural comfort, efficient moisture absorption and gentleness to the skin. The fibrillose structure of this innovative material absorbs excess moisture and transports it outwardly, providing the ideal sleep environment – dry, climate controlled and antibacterial. According to Lenzing AG, Tencel has incredible absorption characteristics and is 50% more absorbent than cotton, gentler than silk and cooler than linen! TENCEL™ is more breathable and less susceptible to odorous bacteria growth as the development of bacteria is inhibited before it can start.

Put simply, TENCEL lyocell fibre;

  • Has excellent moisture and temperature management properties
  • Reduces bacteria, mould spores and mite population
  • Is breathable and skin-friendly
  • Provides dry lying comfort
  • Is durable and washable
  • Is sustainably sourced and produced

Find out more about how the TENCEL lyocell fibre is used to make the wenaCel sensitive mattress tick all the boxes for healthy sleep.

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